The risk management tool you’ve been waiting for.

My goal is to empower individual investors by offering tools that help them build long-term wealth. I believe that Finiac is one of those tools. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a way to leverage historical stock market data and foundational investment philosophies to create a sound investing strategy. To be successful and build wealth, investors must learn to eliminate the fear of uncertainty and adopt a risk-savvy approach to investing. In a time when many people are retiring without enough money to live on, this tool is your road map to a financially abundant future.

App features.

The only investing app you’ll ever need.

Gain access to Dr. Smith’s time-tested algorithms and start maximizing your investment gains. It’s easy with Finiac, a tool that helps you manage risk and know when to buy and sell. With Finiac, you can:

Invest like a pro.

The average return for an individual investor is only 1.9 percent. REITs and hedge funds can outperform that—even on a bad day—so why shouldn’t you? Finiac provides individual investors with a hedge-fund-quality tool, making it possible to build a “holy grail” portfolio modeled after famous investors like Warren Buffet.  Gain the confidence you need to overcome your fear of risk and uncertainty and build successful investing habits. When it comes to investment literacy, Finiac is the game changer you’ve been waiting for.