Risk investing is successful investing.

It’s impossible to be successful at investing without risk. But risk exposes individuals to the possibility of loss. And for new investors, this paradox seems insurmountable. If successful investing is centered on profits, then how can exposure to loss be an effective strategy?

In my upcoming book, The Risk Manifesto, I explore the psychology of investing and how fear of loss drives even the most experienced investors to make mistakes that virtually guarantee the results they were trying to avoid. Using my background in mathematics and systems science, and my experience as a seasoned investor, I will teach you how to circumvent these self-destructive instincts by implementing a systematic way to manage your fear of risk, take back control of your money, and build wealth.

What people are saying

Richard Smith is not only one of the clearest thinkers in the world of risk management, [but] I have found his thinking to be just as applicable to life itself.

Bradley Rotter

Cryptocurrency thought leader and pioneer in alternative investment classes